Riding Trips

The minimum number of a group is 5-6 persons and favourable weather conditions are also needed.


Sassi Talu organizes riding tours for everyone with sufficient riding skills. Our horses are very friendly and safe for a skilled rider. They are cheerful, energetic and have sports-oriented training. Insufficient riding skills may put the rider, his/her companions and the horses at risk. A prior test ride on the training field is therefore required for a successful riding tour and forming of suitable groups.
It is important to know that the instructor may refuse to provide the riding tour service if the rider proves to have insufficient experience at the test ride.

Right forming of the group and good choice of horses is of great importance.

Riding groups are formed taking into consideration the participants` wishes and first of all their level of riding skills.

If the riders have still different level of skills, the trip is arranged so that it will be suitable and safe for the weakest rider in the group.


You may order several single services in the farm to make your riding experience more vivid. What a pleasure to end your riding day in a hot bath barrel or a good estonian sauna by the outside swimming-pool, have a massage, enjoy delicious dinner or spend a night in the farm.

Riding trips to the seaside :

The duration of the ride is ca 3- 4 hours. These trips are arranged in favourable weather conditions when the days are warm.

We start our trip from Sassi Talu The tour will take us across various grasslands, with a rich wildlife to be seen, about a kilometer along lovely sandy coastline. You may choose to have a nice walk on the beach, listening to wonderful sea music or play with your horses in the water.

After a two-hour ride  ´the  `Mini restaurant of Sassi Farm` welcomes us on the   beach . Luxurious lunch , reakfast or dinner  the seaside will be remembered for a long time. The horses are also resting and eating juicy grass to gather strength.

 After having a rest the riders are ready to start their home journey.


 Riding trip to the forests of Potsepa  :


The duration of the ride is ca 4- 5 hours .

Riding trips are arranged in favourable weather conditions: on hot summer days, with many insects flying in the air, these trips are not organized. Short cross-country rides in early hours are more suitable then. 

The trip begins from Sassi Talu First the trip will take us across fields, we continue the trip through the forests. Riders might come upon some animals as our forests provide shelter for several birds and mammals.

After a 2, 5 hour ride you are awaited to `Sassi Mini Restaurant` in the deep forest. Delicious lunch is offered by our cook who is always eager to cater also your particular food wishes. Not far from our restaurant you`ll find Potsepa artificial lake. Naturally we take the chance to refresh ourselves in the lake while our horses are resting in the paddock.

Our return trip will take us 1, 5 hours, following the tracks in the forests and fields that are ideal for horse riding.

Luxurious Hubertus` Hunting Trip

We also arrange Hubertus` Hunting Trips. This is organized only by request in advance for private companies.

To participate you`ll need festive riding clothing and a very good mood.

Sassi Talu  Hunting Trip is not very `sportive`, it is arranged for ladies and gentlemen who are mostly hobby-riders. Therefore the trip is arranged in moderate speed and barriers on the track are `friendly`.

A luxurious lunch is offered in the forest of Potsepa. Riders and horses will have a rest and enjoy this festal day. 

Traditionally the hunting trip will end with a  small Derby .

Naturally the program includes a luxurious dinner to end the day.  

A 2-day riding trip to Maria Talu  ( Not availible  just   now , ask for more  information  ):

 The duration of the trip is 2 days.  Riding trips are arranged in favourable weather conditions in spring and autumn when there are not many insects flying in the air.

We start our trip from Sassi Talu  following the tracks across the nearby fields and through the forest leading us to Potsepa artificial lake. After 2, 5 hours on horseback we....

Maria Talu is an  very lovely  estonian farmstead where guests may spend a night. Riders have the possibility to admire picturesque nature, watch hostesses performing everyday work, have a sauna and enjoy a traditional dinner.

The next morning our home trip begins and we`ll have our lunch in Sassi Talu .